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6 Ways To Save Energy During The Summer

With the summer still going strong and the temperatures reaching high numbers, now is the time when people decide to use air conditioning and other appliances to try and mitigate the heat. When this happens, the power bill tends to skyrocket, especially when we are using those appliances at peak hours when the power is more expensive.

United Solar Electric is here to bring you some tips on how to save on your power bill and, if you have solar systems installed, how to save your energy consumption. Whatever your situation may be, these following tips will help you save while improving the temperature inside your home!

Think About Fans

Ceiling and standing fans can help you combat the heat in your home while using a fraction of the power that an A/C unit would use and even less if it’s a central A/C. While central A/C can be the only solution you need, it does not mean that it should be the only tool you use. Placing your fans strategically around the house can increase the flow of air inside the rooms helping with the overall temperature inside.

Change Air Filters

Whenever your A/C filters are packed with dust and other pollutants, it makes the unit work harder and uses more electricity. Consider changing the filter accordingly to avoid overworking your air conditioning unit which can also save you some money. Filters are not cheap, but having to repair your air conditioner more often due to overworking is definitely more expensive than buying and changing filters.

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Plan Around Peak Hours

In case you didn’t know, power companies have something they call “peak hours” or “peak demand” and it’s basically a timeframe during the day where whatever you consume in power has an added cost to it. Sometimes, depending on the county or state, you could be looking at a 20-30 percent increase in the price. If you look at these numbers per day, it might not affect you as much, but once you start adding it all up it could add hundreds of dollars to your yearly budget.

Having said that, plan your activities at home around the times where you don’t have to pay extra for doing the same things. One big example would be the usage of your washer and dryer away from those peak hours; if you bake often, for long periods, and have an electric oven, you can try baking early in the morning to avoid the extra cost since electrical ovens — and everything that uses heat like cloth irons or dishwashers — usually consumes more power in comparison to other household appliances.

Consider Planting

This one can be a little easier said than done since plants don’t grow to full, beautiful protectors in one day. This is where we would recommend you to “plant” accordingly (fully intended.) Planning ahead, especially if you are living in your forever home, can turn into big savings in the future aside from having a majestic tree planted on your grounds. A nice tall tree can shade your home, lowering the temperature inside. If you don’t have space for a big tree or are too concerned about the tree invading your property with its rood, you can always create many more arrangements like a line of bushes next to a wall to cover it from the sun reducing the heat hitting the wall. Plants are our friends in more than one way!

Take Advantage of The Cooler Nights

When you know that the night is going to be pleasant — may that be windy or rainy — consider turning off your devices and letting the cool of the night refresh your home. The cool natural air can be a relaxing force that will help you sleep great without sacrificing a good night’s sleep due to heat. This also works great when you are trying to get rid of that trapped-in-the-basement smell that makes the house smell like it’s been shut for decades.

Go Solar!

It wouldn’t be a United Solar Electric post if we didn’t offer going solar as an option. There are so many advantages of going solar that we have written blogs about it (5 Advantages of Solar Power) and many of these advantages are part of the passion that drives us to help people get their solar panels installed; being environmental is definitely up there.

By having solar energy powering your home, you are no longer driven by using more power only at certain hours because you don’t want to pay much more for the same tasks. Also, if you have a big enough solar panel system installed and you follow these points, you could be selling the power back to your electrical company and make extra money while helping the planet.

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At United Solar Electric, we strive to design the right system that fulfills your needs and surpasses your expectations. We also have great and experienced crews that are masters at the craft of installing solar panels and making sure that your system stays where it needs to be

If you have any questions about our processes, products, or anything else that the experts at United Solar Electric can answer for you, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. If you are ready to hear more to make a decision about going solar, contact us by calling (925) 697-4665. We look forward to hearing from you!