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Home Batteries

Solar panels are a great solution to many power problems. Installing a solar energy system in your property can turn into a great investment in the future. United Solar Electric offers you this and much more for you to take advantage of the many benefits, including a well-structured battery system for your solar panels so you can enjoy the power of the sun even when it’s nowhere to be found.

Home batteries used for solar systems are a vital part of being able to enjoy solar power at its maximum potential. These batteries can allow you to completely disconnect yourself from the grid or have 24/7 power in remote locations that are nowhere near a power grid that could feed it.

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by learning how home batteries work in solar panel systems.

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As you can see, solar panel batteries are sometimes as important as just having the panel feeding your property. These batteries can help you save even more money in the long run by providing you with power even when the sun is not out or your panels are not as efficient because of a storm or cloudy day.

Do I Need Batteries For My Solar Panels?

A solar panel system can be complete without batteries — there’s no doubt about that — but the batteries are a convenience that can prove to be useful in multiple ways. It all depends on how you administer your power consumption.


Power: How Much & At What Time Do You Consume It

Solar energy is received by the panels and turned into energy that your appliances use. The solar energy is most effective with clear skies and when hitting the panels directly. This leaves a good part of the day with either no solar energy or reduced efficiency.

If you consume more power at night because you are at work or decide to be outside of your home for most of the day enjoying the outdoors, then this means that the solar panels by themselves are not going to provide much value to you because the time that you should be using them more, you are not there. People tend to use the appliances that consume more energy during the night — HVAC systems to have a pleasant home while you sleep, kitchen for dinner time, watching movies at night after a long day at work, or simply doing activities around the house that require you to have lights on.

If you take into consideration what we previously stated — and are part of that group — then you might need that solar energy at times when the sun is either less effective or not there at all. That’s when a great battery system comes into play to help you enjoy the free energy you would be using. Couple having batteries with being connected to a grid and selling your excess energy back to the power company and you could be having a system with many benefits that can pay itself off.


Your Surroundings Can Help You Make A Decision

One of the biggest advantages of having batteries connected to your solar panels is that if you live in an area where power tends to flicker often or you have power outages more than you should, a home battery can be your savior. Even a small battery that can keep your home powered for a couple of hours, in most cases would be enough time for the power to come back instead of having to deal with not having power until it comes back. This can reflect is food saved, keeping your home fresh, and continuing to work throughout a power outage.

As mentioned before, you don’t need to have home batteries for your system to provide a good experience. That being said, we do believe that these batteries are a great addition to your solar system array and it can bring solutions to other problems that you might not have been aware of before like saving certain appliances during a power outage or helping save money even through the night.

If you are interested in home batteries for your solar system, you can contact our team of experts and we’ll be happy to help you make the right choice and provide you with all the information you need.

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Other Benefits of Having Solar Batteries

There are other benefits to having solar batteries. United Solar Energy is here to provide you with as much information as we can so you can make a decision based on your own knowledge of what you need. Adding our expertise and passion to provide you with the best service, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a system that will last you for decades to come and will satisfy your needs!


Solar Batteries Offer Power Security

You probably are not looking to take yourself away from civilization or living completely away from any trace of human interaction. Even if that’s the case, solar batteries can be your ally when it comes to preventing headaches from poorly managed power grids. If you live in a place that has constant power brownouts or decaying energy infrastructure, you can rest assured that these problems are not going to affect you or your appliances.


Batteries Are Quiet

Unlike generators that run on fossil fuels, your batteries can go on and off without you even noticing it. Generators are a very reliable solution at the cost of needing to be aware of how much fuel you have left and when the time comes, dealing with the roaring sound of it starting and then constant growling and humming of the generator doing its job. If you are noise-sensitive or require concentration to work, that noise can get old really fast.


Solar Reduces Environmental Impact

One of the main perks for owning solar systems, aside from having a source of energy that’s not fossil-fuel based, is that it helps the planet thanks to the low impact it has on our environment. Having batteries to support your solar panels allow you to enjoy that power for more hours of the day without the need to use regular power coming from the grid, hence, less environmental impact.

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Solar Energy FAQs

Q. Can solar impact my property value?

There are studies that have shown an improvement in property value and some others that have shown that homes with solar panels tend to sell at a faster rate than those without.

Q. Can I reduce my power bill to zero with solar panels?

The short answer is, yes! You can have a solar panel system installed on your property that is so efficient, you will no longer need to tap into the power grid. Note that your system has to be able to cover your consumption fully, no matter the situation, which is something United Solar Electric can help you with by designing a system that works perfectly for what you need and how much you consume.

Q. Do solar panels work during a blackout period?

If you are relying on the power grid as well, your solar panels will not work as a security measure to prevent the energy you might be sending back through the power grid to hurt any technicians working to solve the problem. However, if you have home batteries, this will keep the system running and allow you to keep using the energy coming from the solar panels.

Q. How expensive is solar panel maintenance?

Solar panels do not require much maintenance aside from cleaning and making sure that there are no objects like tarps, piles of leaves, or other things blocking the sun. Solar panels are made of durable tempered glass and rarely get damaged.

Q. I can’t afford to pay for solar panels out of pocket, what can I do?

United Solar Electric offers various options to finance your solar energy system that way you can enjoy the benefits of solar panels without needing to drain your savings account.

Q. How often do I have to change solar panels?

Solar panels are made of durable materials that can stand snow, heavy winds, rain, and even hail making solar panels stand the test of time. Your panels should be able to generate energy for 25 to 35 years.

Q. How do I calculate how many solar panels I need?

Solar panels systems are usually calculated against the amount of power you regularly consume on daily bases. These readings could be taken from previous power bills or by calculating all your appliances, lights, and other items that consume power in your home.

However, there’s an advantage in hiring United Solar Electric to do the job. When you hire us we make sure that everything is taken into consideration when calculating and designing your solar energy system — we make sure that your needs, budget, and space are taken into account so you can have the best results possible with what you can afford.

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