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As a Maxeon Preferred Partner, we offer the highest performing and most reliable solar modules on the market. With record high efficiencies up to 22.7%, patented cell technology and decades of real-world testing, Maxeon Modules outperform any competitor. 

Designed with thick, hail-resistant glass, Maxeon cells capture more sunlight even in shade or cloudy, low-light conditions. Each cell has a solid copper backing to allow for powerful energy flow. Using their IBC Technology, Maxeon modules contain back contacts for stronger connection points preventing cracks and corrosion. The built-in strain relief from temperature swings protects modules from hotspots. This ensures stable performance over time, regardless of the climate. 

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Hotspots and cell cracks can significantly impact panel production and reliability, leading to substantial production losses, warranty claims, and service calls. Studies have shown nearly 30% of panels are affected within their first 10-years due to these issues. By eliminating these failure points, Maxeon offers customers worry-free energy independence that extends far beyond the useful life of any competitive product. With decades of performance history, a return frequency of 0.005%, and the industry-leading 40-year warranty, we are confident Maxeon Modules will surpass your expectations for decades. 

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