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Here at United Solar Electric, we pride ourselves on offering solar power systems built on fundamentally different cell technology. Our Maxeon interdigitated back contact (IBC) cells stand out as stronger and more reliable than other solar cells on the market. With no grid lines, the back contact conductivity of our cells allows for superior sunlight absorption, resulting in efficiencies of up to 22.7%. Coupled with a solid metal backing, our cells boast massive strength, providing extreme resistance to cracks and corrosion.

Our commitment to durability extends beyond the cell level. Our panels feature thick, triple-redundant connectors, offering built-in strain relief from temperature swings. This ensures stable performance over time, regardless of the climate. For nearly 40 years, homeowners, businesses, and investors worldwide have trusted Maxeon technology for its leading performance and reliability. While panel efficiencies have increased over the years, our fundamental cell structure remains unchanged, engineered to eliminate failure points such as hotspots and cell cracks that plague other systems.

Hotspots and cell cracks can significantly impact panel production and reliability, leading to substantial production losses, warranty claims, and service calls. Studies have shown nearly 30% of panels are affected within their first 10 years due to these issues. However, we've addressed these concerns head-on. By eliminating these failure points, we offer customers worry-free energy independence that extends far beyond the useful life of any competitive product. Our comprehensive 40-year warranty for all homeowners underscores our commitment to quality and reliability, setting us apart as the only solar company that has been around as long as our competitors' warranties and offering the industry's most comprehensive warranty protection.

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