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Solar System Design

We take pride in our custom approach to solar system design. We believe that each home deserves a tailored solution, and our experienced team is dedicated to solutions that seamlessly integrate with your unique space. With innovative technology and an artistic touch, we bring forth solar designs that maximize energy production and enhance your property's aesthetic appeal. Trust us for personalized, efficient, visually pleasing solar system designs that elevate your home's sustainability.

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Professional System Design Tailored to Your Needs

At United Solar Electric, we want to be able to provide the right solar systems for your home, business, or project, and to do that, we are also excited to share more about how the systems work and show you some interesting information about solar energy to help you make a more educated decision about getting solar!

The Panels

Dive into the heart of United Solar Electric, where solar dreams come true! Our commitment extends beyond powering homes; it's about nurturing communities. Discover the story behind our family-owned and -operated venture, where every solar panel is a testament to our dedication. Let the sun shine on your journey with us.

Charge Controller

Our charge controller acts as a vital energy regulator, preventing your array from being overloaded with unused energy. This controller seamlessly integrates with batteries, allowing you to efficiently store excess energy for later use.


Depending on your location, batteries can be crucial for storing surplus energy. Whether you're situated in remote mountain areas or distant fields, batteries enable you to store unused energy for when it's needed most. With stored energy, you can maintain power even after the sun sets, reducing reliance on external energy providers.

DC/AC Inverter

Our DC/AC inverter plays a pivotal role in your solar system, converting energy from batteries or solar panels (DC) into the alternating current (AC) used in the U.S. This conversion ensures compatibility with all your appliances and devices, seamlessly powering your home or business.

Power Meter

Once energy is converted for use, it flows through the power meter, which serves as the central distribution point. This meter not only measures your energy consumption but also presents opportunities for utilizing surplus power. You can store excess energy in batteries for nighttime use or even sell it back to your energy provider, making your solar system an investment that pays for itself over time.

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