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Solar System Design

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When considering going solar, it is important to carefully review different system options and find the best match for your electric and home goals. We believe each home deserves a tailored solution, and our experienced team is dedicated to solutions that seamlessly integrate with your unique space. That is why our first step to going solar is a free, custom system design proposal based on your electric usage, future home changes and system goals. With top-tier materials and industry-leading warranties, we create high-performance systems to meet your home’s electric needs. Partner with us to curate a solar system design perfect for your needs and goals. 
Our team is ready to answer any questions, provide educational resources and give honest advice to best serve you. We value transparency and want to ensure you understand and are confident in your solar solution. Whether your top priority is reducing your electric bill, gaining energy independence, designing a clean and aesthetically pleasing system or all the above, our team is here to find the best solution for you! 

Benefits of Going Solar

1. Reduce Electric Bills and
Start Saving Immediately

With utility rates increasing multiple times per year, solar is the perfect option to reduce your electric pull from the grid and start saving on your electric bills. Get your solar power for a fraction of your current electric costs. We provide free personalized proposals for you to review your potential savings.

2. Take Control of Your
Energy Source and Cost

Achieve energy independence with a Solar and Storage System. Our custom designs are built considering your home’s electric needs to maximize your energy production, so you can have full control. Monitor your home through the Enphase App.

3. Maintain Power in an Outage
with a Backup System

The Enphase Backup System provides the highest power output in an outage. Use power from your solar production and battery storage during an outage and keep your home running through the night. Your battery system can also be used daily to avoid pulling from the grid.

4. Create
Green Energy

Rest easy knowing your power is coming from the sun. In our free design, we will show how you can increase your self-consumption to be using as much green power as possible.

5. Charge your EV
with Solar Power

With the Enphase Car Charger, your EV can be charged directly with solar power. Take advantage of fast charging and smart energy management through the Enphase App. These chargers feature NEMA-4 rated enclosures for safety inside and outside and an industry-leading warranty.

6. Increase your Home Value

In California, solar is a necessity for the modern home. Take your first step to full home electrification with solar and increase your home value with a sleek solar system.


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